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8 GA miles. Two weeks left before I begin my training schedule for my June marathon.
10 miles w/ strides.
Way to go Thomas! Pulling out a PR when not everything went as well as you would have liked is impressive! Enjoy your recovery time.Whats next up on your racing calendar?4 easy miles.
+ 1Foam rolling has helped me tremendously to keep IT band and hamstring issues at bay.Thomas: good luck and have fun in Houston tomorrow. Time to bring it on home!Kid: It's nice running in SoCal in the Winter, but so much in the Summer.15 hilly miles.
I don't understand how you guys can run in such bone chilling temps - huge kudos. 10 miles in 57 degrees.
8 easy miles w/ fartleks. Happy running everybody!
3 recovery miles.
^^ sounds like a solid plan and you are wicked fast! Good luck in your training. 10 easy miles.
4.25 miles. Thomas: Enjoy your "taper" and kick butt in Houston. Sam: What plan will you use for Boston and what is your goal? Jweid: funny, I too have had chafing problems running in my Adizeros.
13.14 (according to garmin) in 1:40:05. I was shooting for a sub 1:40 but this unexpected 1/4 of a mile hill at mile 12 got me off pace. Not a pr, but still my second fastest half ever.
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