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Thomas: Nice long run! Sugarbutch: Congrats on your distance pr - I think your ready for a half marathon. NYR: Awsome pics - reminds me of The Warriors. Me: 6 easy miles. Wrapped up week 3 of my training plan yesterday with 57 miles for the week.
10 easy miles.
16 easy miles - 54 for the week. Happy running peeps!
10 mile tempo run. Happy running everybody!
8 miles w/ 6x800 @ 5k pace (6:40).
9 miles w/ 10x100 strides.
4 recovery miles after a hilly 7 mile tempo run yesterday.
17 miles on dead legs. Maybe ramping up my mileage before I begin an 18 training plan was not the best idea. Happy running peeps!
10 GA miles.
It depends on your goal. You should be able to maintain your current fitness level with a program such as Pfitz's 2 marathons in six weeks. I wouldn't expect much improvement unless the March 3rd marathon course is considerably "faster" than Houston. I ran two marathons last year within 8 weeks of each other and came in virtually at the same time.If your goal is to improve your time considerably, I would look for a marathon in late Spring or early Fall and get in some...
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