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Sam: I've been wearing the 110% Play Harder knickers after all my races, hard workouts and long runs. I credit them for helping me recuperate faster and stay injury free for the past 18 months. 7 easy miles.
10 w/ 5x400.
Awesome pics Sugarbutch! 10 w/ 3 @ mp.
Ojai 2 Ocean marathon in Ventura. It' will it's second running on June 3rd. I hope to run St. George one day - too bad it runs the same weekend as Long Beach.20 hilly miles. I was shooting for 22 but my legs felt like tree trunks from all the mileage the past few months.
10 GA miles w/ hill repeats. I'm trying to concentrate on my downhill stride turnover since my June marathon features 700 feet elevation drop.
Good showing mate! Running back to back sub 4 hour marathons within 8 weeks is not easy. Recuperate well and you'll rock your goal in the fall.Me: 10 easy miles
Nice week Sam and Sugarbutch. 7 tempo miles early this morning. Week 5 of marathon training in the books - a total of 60 miles.
10 late last night, 7 this morning. Happy running peeps!
Great job Sam! Great seeing you out there this morning. Awesome race and week of running. You are going to rock Boston. Hopefully I'll toe the line in Hopkinton one day. I came in at 35:22 in my 8k this morning. That's a 4 minute pr for that course. Thomas: Enjoy the taper.
I imagine you're racing in Brea tomorrow. If that's the case, I'll be there as well. Good luck out there I'm sure you are going to place.Me: 18 miles early this morning. Will wrap up the week tomorrow with 58 miles, after the 8k.
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