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10 GA miles
Great story - glad to hear you are back to doing what you enjoy. Keep us posted!11 GA miles for a total of 71 miles this week. I will probably taper down a little for my half marathon in 2 weeks.Happy running peeps!
Great job in that ridiculous heat! I'm glad you had a good time and stayed safe. Here's to a pleasant recovery.12 with strides.
10 w/ strides. Sam: Good luck in Boston! Take a lot of notes because I hope to pick your brain when I run it someday.
10 w/ 4 @ marathon pace. Happy running peeps!
^^ congrats on your 10k PR! Running hills is an awesome way to improve fitness. 12 GA miles.
Ceoceo: I would go to your local running store and try on a bunch of different shoes before you buy. Carlsbad 5k in 21:40. I was hoping for a sub 21. Maybe next time.
+121 slow miles late last night. I have a rest day today and a 5k tomorrow morrning.Have a great weekend peeps!Nice pic Dressed!
Way to go Sam - congrats on going over the century mark for the week!I have the OC HM coming up in May and my goal marathon Ojai 2 Ocean in June. I'll also be running Carlsbad on Sunday, but I'm sure I won't see you there since the old farts like me start at 7 am. Good luck on Sunday.12 hilly miles.
4 easy to cap off 68 for the week.
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