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26.2 in 3:34:31 - a 17 minute improvement from my best marathon time. All the added miles and a favorable course helped tremendously. Still need to increase mileage and speed work to get that elusive BQ and make the last 6 miles not suck so much.
Final 3 before my marathon tomorrow.
6 easy miles.
Sam, thanks for the offer. I'm running the Ojai 2 Ocean marathon on June 3rd. With an elevation loss of 700 feet, it should be a fast one. What's next on your agenda?Weights and foam rolling today.
8 with strides
12 easy miles
MoreFire: check out www.mcmillanrunning.com to get a better idea for training paces and equivilant performances at different distances. 13.29 miles in 1:38:03 at the OC half marathon.
Nice myles - good luck at Bear Mountain. I just saw Unbreakable, the doc about the Western States 100. Ultramarathoners are some bad@ss mofos.10 miles.
10 easy miles to end the week with 71 miles. I'm hoping all these miles pay off for my June marathon. Happy running peeps!
Yep - general aerobic, or in my case, an 8 minute pace.12 w/ 10 x 100 strides
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