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I think I will order the Dodgers sandlot!
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Im going to be in LA in a few weeks, staying out by the airport, am I better off running on a treadmill or is there a decent route out there? I would stick to the treadmill - the LAX area is pretty sketchy and the traffic and air quality is not great. Sunday: 20 slow miles.
^^ I prefer to run at night. 6.2 in 46:28.
Sad thing is that my style hasn't improved much since
Sunday; 14 miles (7 slow hilly miles) Monday: 4 tempo miles Tonight; 10 tempo miles
10 miles in 1:17. My speed is slowly picking up
8.37 miles in 1:03. Here's a good tip - don't eat two huge bowls of cereal before going out for a run. It will cause stomach cramping
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas A few weeks back I got an email from the Houston Marathon Committee: the 2012 Olympic marathon trials are going to be held in Houston. They did up t-shirts for the 2012 marathon but I was unable to get downtown in time to pick any up. So yesterday I got the email: extra shirts for sale, so I ordered a few. yay me. But this also helped me to re-organize my priorities - these last few weeks, it was...oh...four...
Sunday: 20 miles in 2:53:13. Ran at a comfortable pace and experimented with taking gels every 5 miles and salt pills at miles 6, 12 & 17. Had no issues with cramping or stomach upset
10 miles in 1:17:53 last night with mile 10 being the fastest (7:12).
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