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Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Finished the vancouver half in 1:55. Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles Ran the NJ marathon in Long Branch yesterday in 3:24. Weather was unseasonably warm but overall it was very well run. Great Job gentlemen! I ran the OC Marathon with my wife yesterday morning. It was her first marathon and was shooting for under 5 hours. We both came in at 4:56:XX. She is a little...
Damm NYR's pics make me jones to run the NYC marathon! 10 easy miles tonight.
Yesterday: 20.23 miles in 2:52 (the long runs are becoming way more enjoyable recently). Today: 4 easy recovery miles.
Did a little cross-training last night. Plan on 8 to 10 tempo miles tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack I did my first half marathon on Saturday. I had anticipated a finish time in the 2:05 neighborhood as I've been running most of my long training runs around 9:30. Around mile 10 I realized I had a chance to break two hours. I came in at 1:59:33. Not fast like some of you speedsters, but I was thrilled with the result. And then the knee pain. I felt great the whole way, crossed the finish line, then...
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit 16 miles yesterday Amazing weather, I wish it would stay that way. This time I brought hydration and gel, made all the difference. Last week was my first week over 50 miles. I had a similar week - 16.25 miles yesterday (48 total for the week). This makes it 4 weeks in a row with over 45 miles/week. My body is now telling me to scale back with little aches and pains. Hope to put in a recovery...
Thanks RJ - those NB are sweet. NYR: How are those Newtons holding up?
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano 6 Trail. I think I would like to do more trail running in the future - there are a lot of cool trails near where I live. Do you have any favorite trail running shoes?
Last night: 10 miles in 1:19.
On long runs (over 12 miles) or when it is hot out, I use a Nathan belt with an 18 ounce water bottle. I take honey stinger gels and one salt stick every 8 miles. I'm going to give one of those handhelds a try. Last night: 3.40 mile interval run.
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