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8 slow miles.
8 miles this evening. I have a 4th of July 5k in 7 hours! Happy running everybody!
Great job Rib! EL: you'll get there - enjoy the ride. Me: 8 miles for 56 for the week. Happy running peeps!
3 miles and weights.
10 tempo miles.
Nice week Sam! NYR, cute daughter, but please put a Kings jersey on her. 9 miles for a total of 50 for the week.
14 @ 8:45 yesterday 5k @ 22:14 today ( still haven't fully recovered from my marathon 2 weeks ago). Good luck Myles! Have a great weekend everybody, especially the ones referred to as "Dad"
Congrats Sam! That is a blazing time. And most people I know who ran Boston this April were disappointed in their time. It was brutal.During a marathon training, I take Wednesdays off. And I take Wednesday's and Saturday's off or cross train in an off cycle. Of course, if you work around kids, those little boogers will get you sick every time.10 easy miles.
Good luck in your 5k CP! I also have a Father's Day 5k next weekend.NYR: I always get sick when I overtrain - could that be the case with you?10 easy miles.
Good running going on in here! 5 easy miles.
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