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Sam: nice 16 miler! wingin'' it: Good luck in your marathon next week! About11oclock: That's a super fast 5k for taking it easy - great job! Me: 10 easy miles in the mid-day heat of 90 degrees.
WTG EL! Nice form - looks like you are really flying towards the finish line!
Nice Sam! That is a blazing 5k. I finished in 3:34:42. Started to fade at mile 22 and missed a PR by 11 seconds. Hopefully I can get in some quality training in the next few months and get that PR at Surf City in February.
Long Beach Marathon in California.Agree with what everyone has said about tapering. I ran 3 miles with 6x100 strides @ 5k pace tonight.
^^ Running is the best therapy ever. 6 with strides as I taper for my Sunday goal marathon. Hope everyone is doing well!
Thanks for all the well wishes gentlemen! Mother and daughter (8 pounds, 3 oz) are doing great. I can't wait until Leah is old enough to go running with dad!
0 - was on my way out for a 5 miler when I got a call from the wife that she is in labor. Baby > running!
Nice pics NYR & Sam. 10 miles (4 tempo) for a total of 70 for the second week of my 12 week marathon plan.
5 easy miles this morning for a total of 63 for the week. Happy running and good vibes to anyone struggling with any pains and injuries.
13 on the tm. Just about my limit running indoors.
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