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For now the SHakira song's is my best choice.
Self discipline is the best answer... Keep on diet and make a regular exercise...
I'm listening to "WAKA WAKA" dance by SHAKIRA so relaxing.....
The new Levis fenom
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit I like this. Good stuff. Same with the other pic....white shoes.. This post said "WEARING ALL BLACK".
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit All black dude.. I think here shoes is white...
For shopping proposes the best place i can reccomend is in Barneys, Ralph Lauren stores in chicago you can choose a lot of stuff.
Quote: This is louis vuitton ,i like the brand I think you have the right choice.... Hope there can be a Louis Vuitton in our place.
For me my best choice is Lacoste and Nike...
Quote: How to attach file in the here in the forums? Anyhelp pls.. I think you're question can be answer in the 1st page... better try reading
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