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even so $320 is less than the normal price of their 2pc suit. i'm strongly thinking about pulling the trigger for a navy 3pc. had amazing luck with my first suit from them.
posted earlier in the thread but didn't get a response bc i was an idiot and didn't take pictures correctly. sorry for reposting but just wanted to get some opinions before i go to the tailor tomorrow. if it's at all helpful, i'm a 42 chest, 32 waist, 5'10", 180lbs. thank you.
my thing is it shouldn't be so low that the bottom of the pockets are down low below your butt.
that's a wrinkle from being taken out of the box. i basically just cut the strings holding the vents and took pics about a day after taking it out of the box.it feels like i could go down a little on the waist but then it'd really be hugging my body. afaik, i should want some room in the waist area to not look like i'm being wrapped up by the jacket. besides that, looks pretty good right? rethinking everything, the only thing i'd change for my next suit (as soon as there's...
tried posting this in the tailor thread but it's getting lost after a bunch of other posts. i just want to see if there's anything major i need to do before i pass that 14 day deadline for sending it back. got it in the mail about a week ago and i honestly feel pretty good about this suit. i was really concerned because of the mixed reviews and disaster stories. i meticulously checked my measurements over and over so that may be why it turned out ok. just want to see if...
i don't mean to bump this, but with indochino's 14 day policy, i just wanna see if the experts think i need to do anything so i can get the ball rolling if i do need to send it back. i updated with proper pics a few posts above.
honestly didn't think of that somehow. oops well hopefully third time's the charm. sorry for all the stupid posts. again i really appreciate y'all's help. my concern is mostly with the jacket if there's stuff that should be done to the shoulders and waist of the jacket. i'm thinking the shoulders are fine. the waist could be taken in but i'm hesitant. i figure if i have $75 to spend on alterations, it'd behoove me to get the best fitting suit i can. thank you! if it's at...
delete. edited my post below. sorry.
delete. edited my post below. sorry.
Hey guys, I've been lurking on here mostly but needed some style-conscious opinions on these Warby Parkers that I'm about to pull the trigger on. Zagg vs Felton Thanks!
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