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Why would they refuse to make shirts that they have already made correctly. I could understand if you were complaining about what they produced for you, but you stated you were happy and wanted more. Very perculiar if you ask me.
I have around a dozen pair of Zenni glasses. I bought a couple with the different tint/antiglare options to see what their product was like. $30 well spent. Then I went back and ordered 10 more pairs of a variety of frames and a few tinted. I still have my expensive glasses in a drawer, I use them for working around the house and such. All my Zenni glasses are my regular eyewear. It is nice to coordinate my glasses with what I am wearing. The different color tints are...
Quote: Originally Posted by 518aata FYI, for you brave bargain hunters: Carlo Franco is having a sale! Any three ties for $80 each; four or more for $70 each, and bowties are only $25. Why would you buy only three ties if it is ten dollars more then buying four? Very odd.
I received three ties today that were a replacment for one I paid for a few years ago. This is a good start to trying to prove they could be trusted again; at least in my book. Now if they get some new stock I might be interested in order another tie to two from them.
I have a package at the post office from CF. I will pick it up on Saturday and report back.
I like the tags in this thread. Funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Did we hear from anyone who has been made whole yet? K CF owed me one tie. Jill responded to my old message about not receiving the tie and stated that the SF tie was no longer available. So she offered me any three ties from their site. I received confirmation last night that a shipment from CF in Texas was made to my residence here in CA. I will post later this week about the package that hopefully...
I had never seen this look before, so I figured I would post it. My friend always friends that oddest guys when she goes out. Go figure.
Most of the well used shoes are poorly maintained (shoe trees rarely used and polished once a year). I buy used shoes to wear in situations when the shoe can be damages and it will not matter much. At $30-80 if I get three or four wears out of the shoe I am happy. If you find something that is lightly used like others stated, you can find a good deal. Sometimes folks buy the wrong last because they did not know there was a difference between shoes that are labeled the...
Jill replied to a PM of mine from July 11, 2007. I will post if anything comes of this correspondence. The worst can be I am still out my cash, the best is I received what I paid for in January 2007.
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