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Oh I mean I looking for a new pair of jeans, my APC NS is almost two years old.I think it's too skinny?
I'm looking for a pair of jeans, I want it to have the cut that is similar to APC NS with slightly smaller leg opening (slimmer than APC NS but definitely not skin tight from knees down) I'm willing to pay up to $500, heavier fabric is a plus, selvedged isn't important, raw denim in indigo is a must. It will need to be available in small size for 28" waist (I having great fit with a pair of APC NS size 25 right now)
Would you wear this with denim above the knees shorts?
I'm seriously not sure, lol... but what should I do with it? I have an identical pair that faded great.Yeah, I'm worry about them being slim.
I have a pair of brand new APC NS that I'm going to cut them off to make shorts (I have two pairs and realized that I don't need two identical pairs of jeans) So... 1. How long should it be? Above knees? At knees? Or below? 2. Will it make a good shorts? With the pretty slim cut of APC NS.
I'm swimming in a pair of 26!!!
I purchased two APC NS about 18 months ago, 1 size different, wore smaller one first since it fit better. Decided to take out the other pair today and try them on, turned out they are much bigger than the stretched pair, what the heck happened? Do dry denim get stretched staying in nylon bags? My measured waist is about 28", the better fitted pair is sized 25, and the other pair sized 26 is too large, feel like 3 sizes larger than it should be? I'm not kidding, it really...
Quote: Originally Posted by jwoowoo Hi guys, I am looking into buying a nice quality black leather biker jacket, assymetrical zip, that fits slim, preferably around the price range of $300 to $800. Could someone point me into the right direction as to where/which brands I should look into and where I might be able to buy it. I've been looking and really wanting robert geller, rick owens, or julius, but they are way too much for my price...
got my size 8 Taupe Suede, fit perfectly, feel strange at first but became comfy after one hour of wearing... look very nice with my APC NS
Selling two pair of RRL Slim Fit Black Overdyed jeans, size 27x34 and 28x34 (should fit true waist 29 to 30) I bought two of these jeans from someone here for my wife knowing that their waist run larger at the waist to accommodate lower rise. But it turned out that they are not very low rise so they don't fit me (or my wife) Looking to re-sell them to anyone interested. One of them has tags removed because my wife wanted to wear them outside hopefully they with...
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