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Bespoke from Hong Kong
It's more pronounced in the horizontal direction, is that how it should be?
Yea, shouldn't they be vertical?
So I got this charcoal suit tailored. While there are no stripes, the pattern of the wool runs horizontal instead of vertical. See pic, it's pretty obvious on the lapel and sleeves but you can see it on the whole suit IRL. What you guys think, is this a deal breaker?
Does anyone know anything bout these shoes, myhabit got them from $595 to $225. The country of origin is still china, I have a hard time believing shoes made in China can retail for six hundos.
could i see the 11c walnut 5 nails?
Some of the broguing on the front of the toe vanishes into the sole, these look like they were resoled wrong
76. You read 7 pages of a thread then click quickreply
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Was the other forum eBay? I was unaware these were dual listed on ebay, thanks geekgeek
The shoe looks kind of flat, almost sleek.....a word not oft used round gunboats
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