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I've got 2 pairs of New-with-Tags Uniqlo Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans, size 29x32 in Black. Product code: 070988 They are new so you can just check them on the official site. $35 shipped each (These are the current ones going for $50 each). Payment by paypal only. Thanks guys, if you're unsure of me, please PM for references of the people I've dealt with here.
Offering proxy service in NY & have already spoken to several members here. PM for details, cheers.
Might as well chime in. Made a purchase and paid on June 22. You can add me to the list of others who haven't received their item(s) yet. I'll notify when/if I get my stuff from him. Since hearing about this strike though, I'll give it some more time before casting judgement.
Are the Chamois boots still available? Please PM me, it seems that your PM inbox has been maxed out. Thanks.
2 posts for PM. Thnx.
Not sure what's goin on here, but i'll send a PM as well.
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