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Does Marc have an e-mail that I can shoot over to find out whats left in stock?
Anyone been to bergdorf recently to comment on the sales there? Ive been to barneys and saks and both sales were pretty sad in selection
Quote: Originally Posted by quuz Thanks, here in Sweden it retails for 230 bucks and around 180 bucks for the other style posted above (god your currency is low atm ) Dont know where you could find it in the states but heres a link to the brittish amazon 180 bucks 230 bucks Anyone know where i can get a hold of one of...
I really like those gant watches but can't seem to find them anywhere in the us, anyone know how i could get one of them? I tried ordering from the uk amazon site but they wont ship to the us, any ideas?
anyone know if bergdorf made there final cuts on the first floor, ties shoes etc.?
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