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There are alot of new items in the suits/ sc sections..... So maybe new stuff is still coming in...
I always appreciate such words of wisdom, thank for pointing that out.
I was just wondering if any one here has been in contact with Jamison, he used to chime in every so often to answer questions and give us updates and sneak peaks of upcoming items and he hasn't done any of that in a really long time. It's also already may and we haven't heard anything about jackets/suits?
That is great i can't wait! When can we expect the new suits/sport jackets? And in general what new surprises do you have in store for us for the upcoming season?
Hi i just wanted to say i have some of your shirts and have been very impressed. I am intrigued by what you have in store as far as blazers go when do you think we will be seeing some of the new collections? Also are there any plans to do suits?
Any chance we will get a preview of the rest of the tailored goods before we make the jump on the ones we have seen so far? I would prefer to know all the options before i spend my whole budget in one shot
The suits look great, i cant wait to see them live. Just curious what the difference between this solid grey suit and the one that you had for spring/summer? Also you wrote this is a preview of the Italian suits are there going to any other suits made in china/usa?
Jamison, the jackets look great i am particularly interested in the navy linen/cotton jackets are the single and double the same exact jackets just different styles? Would we be able to buy both jackets and one pair of pants? also do the jackets have unfinished sleeves, in the pictures it looked like some of them had buttons?
When can we expect to see a sneak peak of the new suit/jacket collection? Are there going to be any four season type wool ones or only of the cotton/linen variety?
Its a shame no suits for the fall, i missed out on the gray herringbone from last year as my size was sold out and was looking forward to what you had to offer this coming season. I'm curious as to why you would stop the suits, it seems like in the end you sold all of them?
New Posts  All Forums: