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Kent, Any idea how long the navy polo will be on backorder? I bought a polo to test to see what size I would wear and it fits perfectly. I plan on buying a few more in a couple colors, navy being one I want. Would I be able to just buy multiple colors and the navy just ship out at a later date?
I guarantee he is fat and/or has a terrible physique, it comes out as anger in his writing.Ask a dietician? Okay, how about I ask Alan Aragon or Lyle McDonald if it matters.Actually, I have and I now know the answer, with clinical research to back up the claims.For those of you who would like to step outside of making your life miserable so you can lose a few pounds, here are a few good links to visit and start educating yourself. is a...
Actually, you're the one who is wrong.Meal timing is completely irrelevant when macros are controlled across diets.If you're on a 1500kcal diet and you eat that entire portion of calories minutes before you go to bed it will not in any way negatively affect body composition.You're parroting old myths.
Any extra slim 15.5-32?Particularly gingham.
I'm interested in extra slim fit 15.5, 32 sleeve gingham shirts if you have access.
I bought one of the shirts in this thread right before the debacle. It was in perfect condition with tags, and I received it timely. Not sure what prompted what he did to the other seller.
I had just bought (and received) a shirt from Harbin, and it is great. I had been keeping an eye on his threads because we wear the same size and have a lot of the same tastes. This comes as a pretty big surprise, I'm glad I've seen this all go down so I can avoid any future transactions with him.
Received the slim fit ainsley collar shirt today. Great condition, bump for great seller!
What is your best description for tie 3? Since it wasn't what you expected?
Another drop
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