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Sorry guys, updated the thread. It's a size Medium.
Epaulet Los Angeles Crosshatch Denim Kamigata Jacket "Kimono" Size Medium Selling a used Epaulet Los Angeles Crosshatch Denim Kamigata "Kimono" style jacket in a size Medium. Jacket was used and washed once on vacation. It is basically brand new. I don't know if I could pull off the Kimono look, but I can see someone more fashionable than me being able to pull this off quite nicely. Construction and quality is solid in this piece. Measurements are listed on the...
Hey guys, Received the Aviator in a size Small and its too tight in the shoulders. Although it fits nice everywhere else. If anyone is interested before I post it on ebay let me know. Thanks
I actually purchased the S Aviator from the webstore, but I actually have a M already from Opening Ceremony. The M was just slightly too baggy, which is why I also purchased the small to compare fit. I'd be more than happy to sell the S here if it is too small for me. The jacket is amazing!!
I bought both the collegiate jacket and the field coat in moss. The collegiate is awesome. Surprised no one has bought/mentioned it yet. The material reminds me of a wool suit. The fit is how u want it I guess. I tried on a S and M. The S fit me slim. The M was slouchier, which I think looks a lot better. The field coat in moss is excellent as well. The brushed cotton almost makes it feel more like moleskin. I have two spring field coats in size S that have a fitted...
I was actually at the Seattle game, and the fans are really awesome. I never felt threatened as a Niner fan (totally different than going to a Raiders game as a Niner fan)... although there was some verbal jarring back and forth... but all in good nature. However, I was close enough to see some fans throw profanities and food at BOTH Iupati and Bowman as they were carted off. As a longtime Niner fan, THIS treatment to the opposing team's injured players would never...
Anyone have any size experience with the current Chelsea boots (the ones with crepe soles) in relation to Achilles sizing?
I think I might be the same height as you Tonio... I usually wear a Small in the pocket sweaters but have noticed this version's sizing is smaller. You think if you had a medium instead that the sweater would be too long for you?
I purchased the forest print field coat. I'll try taking pictures of the print close up when I have time. In terms of sizing, I sized up (M) because of the wool lining in comparison to my Spring 2013 Tan field coat, which is a size S. I probably could've stuck with a S, but it's too constricting unless I remove the lining, which defeats the purpose of it being a winter coat.
Wow thanks a lot... that was super helpful. I'm gonna go with the small and hopefully I'll have time to decide before the place sells out of the medium.
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