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I just purchased the following Ferragamo Tramezza shoes from bluefly. I noticed that it did not have the metal plate on the sole as you can see from the bluefly site. I already received these and matched the model number on the box to this...
How are the quality of TM Lewin shirts? They are in the same price range as Zara and H&M here in the U.S. so does that mean they are of a lesser quality? I have broad shoulders with chest size of 41, but size 32 waist. So far the only dress shirt that fits me perfectly OTR is the Prada Poplin shirts size 41/16. Would love to find a cheaper alternative.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Do you only pay retail? No.. i willl definately try and get a discounted price. But i want to avoid people telling me i can get a certain shoe for a certain price when it involves searching and searching and being at the right place at the right time to get the size and model i want. I'd rather compare by retail price first.
anymore suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant Where are you located? My first suggestion would be Brooks Brothers (Peal Collection) from Alfred Sargent. Good quality for the price. I am in Southern California
Quote: Originally Posted by secretsquirrel When you say "NOT from ebay or online forum" does that include any e-retailer or just peer to peer transactions? I basically want to try on the shoes before I purchase. ANd even though I can get it on ebay after trying in store. I still prefer to pay the full price and get it at the store rather than save a few bucks and get it on ebay and risk getting a fake/ risk not being able to return / risk...
Here is the criteria: Price range of $100-$450 (non-sale price) NOT from ebay or online forum NOT used Highly prefer a sleek italian/english design. FYI I hate AE shoes because of their bulky designs. And of course, wing-tip and whatever shade of brown is most versatile. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jl24 Questions for Ferragamo Lion shoes: 1. Are these shoes from the Tramezza line? How can I tell which line Ferragamo shoes are from? 2. Does the metal clasp go w/ jeans for a casual night out? Or should I go w/ the AE Walden? (Better quality, but less stylish IMO) Thoughts? im debating between these two as well. any more suggestions between these two? are the Ferragamos too dressy to go with jeans?
I want to get a nice pair of brown dress shoes, but I am not sure what color slacks to add into my wardrobe that will match well with brown shoes.
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