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Anybody with experience with the Elston slim pants, how does the fit compare to Dockers Alphas? Thanks!
Look like lacostes, not sure of an exact model though
Just got my first order in yesterday and I'm very pleased with the purchase I'm about 5'11" 180 athletic build and the large v-neck (black) fits like a dream. I like that it gives me a bit of wiggle room in the body, but it's not baggy. Also the sleeves are big enough that i don't feel like I'm wearing under armour! I also got a belt in red; a brilliant deal at $15. Props to Nan and crew, I'll be looking forward to future products!
Quote: Originally Posted by filth can someone PLEASE ID these?? I second that. those are really nice. ID Please!
hey mikec, i've been looking for a shirt just like that. Where did you get it if you don't mind me asking thanks!
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