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that tom ford hanger over at buying and selling did look pretty rad. did it come in velvet? that would've fuckin' blown my mind at the awesomeness.
why do they look hotter in the store?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria This is called an "In Home Look," and was developed by one of StyleForvm's very own. - B damn that's mean. he's just a little kid.
why even bother?
all rook same!
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection Polo has like 6 lines or something like Ralph, Polo, Ralph Lauren.....and so on. It is made by LUX. Quality is very average. Price point is fair for their quality. It is the same as any other average LUX or SAF brand. would AO aviators be better by miles? they are 2x the price though. i think the line i was looking at was regular polo. they fit me really well both polo and AO. but the polo is a...
CC, how are the quality of polo ralph lauren sunglasses? who makes them anyway?
davis rocks!
Quote: What's wrong with black sneakers? nothing. just asking how you guys wear them. i haven't owned a pair in a long time and those still had whiteish soles. i had this buddy in college who keeps saying all black chucks look like socks. he had like 10 pairs of various white sneakers. i always wore cream, mint green, mustard yellow, cream patch madras, black watch tartan before sf. mostly something that holds a little more interest to me back then...
the 2nd guy almost looks like he just stepped out of the beach.
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