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To which he responded: "I have no problem with criticism. I have some customers who I have worked with for over 20 years. there are also some customers who I have never seen after the first sample was delivered. Because my policy is not to force a customer into a large minimum of shirts, I sometimes have customers come in for One shirt and I never see them again. As I do not know the identity of Montmorency I can not look back at his file and see what went on. I...
Quote: It was my understanding that Brooks Bros shoes are not C & J. Anyone else? The American Brooks shoes are Alden, the "Peal" english shoes are C&J if they have one row of slugs in the heel and Alfred Sargent if they have two rows.
Some Brooks Brothers "Peal" shoes are C&J. I think the ones with a single row of nails in the heel.
What do you mean by "real" zymol?  This is the zymol I have, as well as the cleaner.  
Quote: Lexol conditioner can darken leather, so be very careful with it to avoid unintentionally making your tan shoes a darker brown.  Lexol cleaner is pretty good for removing polish buildup, but is strong enough to strip a lot of color (and thus is not something to use on your nicely antiqued EGs). I must admit, I've not used Lexol. I use Zymol (actually bought it for my car seats), and I don't think it's darkened my medium brown shoes at all. I...
Quote: I guy I know who has toured the Alden factory claims they finish with Lincoln.  I have used the AE cream and carnuba wax and have been impressed.  I'm starting to wonder if Lexol and Lincoln is the way to go.  Any reason you couldn't replace colored cream with Lexol and finish up with a wax? Brad I was chatting with someone at AE while placing an largish order last week, and I asked what the difference is between neutral shoe cream and...
Do you have to go in person, or will they take orders over the phone? 1200 miles would be a bit far to travel
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