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Or try to sell them.
+1. More information about the location and nature of the work environment would be helpful, too. What kinds of suits color- and fabric-wise will your co-workers wear? Is the price range for the suit purchases within which you are comfortable commensurate with the RLBLs and E. Zegna you already have? Would suits at this quality level be considered "overdressing" for your new job?Pending further information, it would seem that at a work environment that requires suits,...
On whom is your money?
Then why cover it up with a sweater vest?
+1. Also
To me, the best way would be, if approached by a sales associate who asks (some form of), "May I help you?" by responding, "Thank you; I'm just browsing at the moment." Ideally, this would lead to the salesperson's responding, "If I can help you, let me know." This would leave open the possibility of further interaction if you find something you want to buy.
Well, they are easier to get there than green wallets are.
Sleeves are too long, though.
Good question. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
This outfit looks good to me from a color combination standpoint (btw, nice braces), but does anyone see an issue with the tie being too far below the waistband?
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