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Sorry about the double post. Thanks for your response. Elegant rig!
May I ask from where?
Superb outfits! Thank you for sharing these pics. At the risk of asking an indiscreet question, is it possible to get a white tie outfit now from where you did?
+1 to these.
+1. Assuming the shirts still fit through the body, one other possibility would be for you (or a tailor/alterations person) to move the collar button toward the outside edge of the collar to maximize size.
You say that as though it's a bad thing.
Thank you, dopey. Any other thoughts on this?
Please allow me to ask a question that is not an attempt to derail this thread; rather, it is a sincere effort to acquire sartorial knowledge. Assuming a person has hands that a standard glove size would fit, in what way(s) are peccary gloves from Madova and similar makers superior to deerskin or lambskin gloves, for example, available at significantly lower cost? If it could be posited hypothetically that quality of construction were equal, would the Modova gloves still...
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