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I may be interested in #s 1-3 (l-r). Please PM me with prices you have in mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by cakeymakeybakey So I've stumbled onto a den of boastful dandies with S&M tendencies? Welcome to SF!
Quote: Originally Posted by ap10046 Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy New Year to all! Warmest Regards of the Season! ^^^to you (and other SF'ers) as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Apparently tie enhancement really works.
Quote: Originally Posted by fatherseanfan On a recent visit to Paris I went into Old England. Interesting place. I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased any of their house label offerings and what their quality was like? I see no threads in the archives about them. They seemed decent to me, maybe on par with Hackett (which was also in the store) but quite expensive. Old England cutaway collar shirts were going for as much as 145EU. Old...
Seriously, I read that it's from BB.
Quote: Originally Posted by moseytan Trying to master the double four in hand knot! Great job!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Still curious who this stunning specimen is? Melissa Archer, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark The Prince associates himself with men who button both buttons of their suit?! Horrors!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull You pop tarts fuck around with birds. I fuck around with birds. Get it right... If this thread is not officially there yet, a "Bull Appreciation Thread" is coming closer to reality.
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