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This video certainly performs a valuable service as far as dissuading pants-wearers from attempting the run-toward-pants-and jump-in method of putting them on, but it raises a question: Why is the left, then right procedure preferable to right, then left?
Here's an idea--Why don't some of the SF members meet to discuss the general lowering of standards in all areas of life in US/world, the extent (if any) to which one can gauge a person's station in life and/or socioeconomic class by dress, and the degree to which a restaurant's having a dress code is a guarantee that its serves "fine food" at a meal? Oh, wait . . . who would pick the restaurant? (Maybe at someone's home . . . .)
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You guys honestly care how other people dress? Would we be on SF if we didn't?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Sam OUCH!!
Another option you may want to consider is www.villagehatshop. Great selection at reasonable prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by c_bourgeois I assume you are talking about an overcoat and not a raincoat. charcoal gray works with blue or any other color because it is accepted. Never ever wear black, blue, or dark brown together. The reason camel is so popular is that beige is one of those colors that goes with almost any other color: black, blue, gray, etc. I got a Japanese gray felt overcoat in Taipei a few years ago. I liked it for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Deckard A pic from about 5 years back.. I have many vintage ones since this pic and I love how they hold the collar up. This is a modern one... interesting how all the modern bars tend to be huge when compared to what they were making in the 30's Great look! If I may ask, what maker tie is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by johnvw I may be interested in #s 1-3 (l-r). Please PM me with prices you have in mind. For clarification, the ties to which I refer above are pictured in post #77.
I may be interested in #s 1-3 (l-r). Please PM me with prices you have in mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by cakeymakeybakey So I've stumbled onto a den of boastful dandies with S&M tendencies? Welcome to SF!
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