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Consideration should be given to Alec Baldwin starring as Lamont Cranston in The Shadow (1994, I believe; set in 1930s).
It seems that this post should be in a different thread.
Congratulations on the milestone of graduation. Your post doesn't say what you intend to wear the suit for (presumably job interviews or a job itself, if you have passed the interview stage), nor why you are interested in only one suit. Lastly, as someone else has pointed out, you don't say whether you can be easily fitted with OTR wear. Clarification of these questions likely would facilitate useful responses. This suggestion doesn't seem to "get much love" here, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow Well, when your name is Yardley Stephen Littleton, quite a number of them come pre-lettered. ... Or Paul Campbell.
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits His shoe is way too big. Note the space between the back of the shoe and his heel. Not the right shade of brown to wear with his black outfit, either.
Check out www.thetiebar.com. Great selection of all-silk ties in solids and patterns for $15 each. Also worth checking out are Robert Talbot, JAB on sale (I think, though this may draw some heat), and SF members with ties for sale. All the best in your search!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kensington You know what they say about a man who wears pleats... Uh . . . What?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheweh Has anyone tried http://asiancustomtailor.com/ before? I'm currently a broke student looking for my first suit. Prices for suits range from $99 to $250 and there's free shipping for orders greater than $150. If anyone has any experience with this place, could you comment on the fit and construction? Thanks! Last year, excited at the prospect of getting a custom suit and custom shirt made for around $200, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 What is STP? Sierra Trading Post
"The American President" starring Michael Douglas. Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Michael J. Fox are well-suited in this one.
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