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Please excuse what may be an indelicate question, but how is the trash problem in Naples relevant to this thread or this forum?
I don't think Trading Places (1983) has been mentioned yet. Dan Aykroyd's character (Louis Winthorpe III) and the two Duke brothers (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) wear upscale clothes in many of the scenes. An exception to me: The suit Mortimer Duke (Ameche) wears in the scene in which his brother Randolph (Bellamy) explains what their firm does to Eddie Murphy's character does not look especially upscale to me, given the role he is playing. Does anyone else here who has...
Also Alec Baldwin as "The Shadow" (1994). There is a scene in which the villain complements him (as Lamont Cranston) on his tie.
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Consideration should be given to Alec Baldwin starring as Lamont Cranston in The Shadow (1994, I believe; set in 1930s).
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