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John Barrymore in # 1?
Henry Fonda, I believe.
^ This.
The belt pictured on that link likely would not be considered a dress belt by most observers. I don't know about leathergoodsconnection, but you may want to check out and especially Genuine leather belts in dress (and casual) styles that are inexpensive. (No, this is not spam; I am a satisfied customer of both.) A well-intentioned suggestion; all the best to you, no matter what your choice.
How good did it look then?
On the contrary, simply a satisfied customer.
If you can afford them, great, but please consider as well.
Should a discussion begin of why a tatoo of Marilyn Monroe is ugly?
...But doesn't this depend on how the women look?
If affordability is a significant factor for you, you may want to check out People familiar with the braces available from Thurston probably don't think these compare with them, but the ones from Belt Outlet are good quality and inexpensive. (I own some.)
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