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No. May I add, also, that a proper tuxedo correctly worn to a semi-formal event is not "boring," as you suggest. You say in your original post that you expect the level of dressing at the event to be "sub-par." Why descend into the abyss of mediocrity when you can help raise the sartorial bar with a proper outfit for the occasion (which does not include a purple tie)?
You don't find the pocket square exactly matching the tie(s) creepy?
I think someone posted on here a while back that this was the result of a record-setting number of ties worn at once.
You may want to check out
Good on you for your exercise of sartorial discipline and your choice to associate with like-minded friends! All the best for the wedding--and beyond!
Kushburner, I don't own a MTM suit, so I can't comment on the relative merits of choosing that option and needing to provide accurate measurements vs. having an OTR suit tailored. That said, if the JAB Joseph suit line is too "slim-fit" for you, a Signature or Sig. Gold suit on sale for
Welcome to SF!
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