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What did you expect? Are you surprised? If so, I am surprised at your surprise!
Who is she?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/285255/rfks-curved-single-cuffs Does anyone know who made this suit? It seems unusual to me that this jacket (assuming it is part of a custom-made suit) does not have working buttonholes on the sleeves. Does anyone know, or can anyone share any insight into, why this suit would have been made without working buttonholes on the jacket sleeves, a normal feature of custom-made suits? Or, if it is an OTR suit, why RFK would have been wearing it?...
Also known as link cuffs.
I claim no expertise regarding watches, but please allow me to make a well-intentioned suggestion. Watches that cost less than the price range you mention that you may want to consider are Citizen Eco-Drive. There are a couple of models available with rectangular faces (Stiletto is one; I belive the other has only a model number), they are reliable timepieces (assuming that is a consideration), and they never need to have batteries replaced. Whatever you choose, hope this...
What makes you think that? This is SF ... Shouldn't the main considerations be price and the recognition factor among the sartorial elite?
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