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Whatever you decide, expect it to be analyzed ad nauseam regarding fit, style, and (in)appropriateness for the occasion, then likely to have drinks spilled on it, and possibly, food/projectiles thrown at it.
Not having any MTM or bespoke suits and thus being unable to comment on the relative merits of going either route, I will stay out of that discussion. In the case of ties, however, in addition to the ties-at-thrift-stores idea, you should check out two SF members who have high-end ones for sale at really low prices: deveandepot1 and idfnl. There may be others on this forum, as well. Hope this helps. BTW, welcome to SF!
How do you know this? What makes RLPL Keaton definitive for this style?
OP: Check the picture against the Cut Away 1-button and 2-button styles shown on the website.
I believe this is called (possibly among other names) the cutaway style. I'm not sure about RTW shirts having this style, but it is an option available from www.itailor.com.
In Style Forum?!?!
The guy's expression alone deserves some kind of award.
What did you expect? Are you surprised? If so, I am surprised at your surprise!
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