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Why parallel? Doesn't that happen in this one?
Is that a requirement?
Don't want to enter the discussion (at least yet) on the second part of the above, but good call here.
Didn't see this post until a moment ago. Fair enough.
May justice prevail!
Again, assuming that this is a serious thread, and that the OP has provided all relevant details, I can see your summary as being reasonable. However, the account the OP provides raises significant questions: Why did the supervisor not deal with the employee by "stepping up his game" in his clothing, rather than punishing the employee? If the employer could not have afforded more upscale clothes, does that raise a possible issue of the terminated employee's having job...
Assuming this is a serious thread, the above are good points. Did the firing happen in an employment-at-will area, where no reason needs to be given for job termination?
Uh, it was a joke. Regarding its appearance, while the color may appeal to those who appreciate the sartorial avant-garde, its deficiencies (noted above) offset any points gained thereby and detract from the overall look.
on all counts!
Next time, he should wear a blue one instead.
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