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EDIT: Double post; tried to respond to this post before seeing the other two that also responded to my question.
Regular posters on this thread, please give me some feedback: Among watch brands
This is a question for luxury watch aficianados: Among watches at the high-end level, are there any significant differences in the time-keeping accuracy among the various brands?
I am unfamiliar with most models of luxury watches, so please excuse what may be a really elementary question: Who makes this one? (I'm guessing it is not "Baselworld"; that doesn't appear to be the name on the face.) It really looks splendid.EDIT: Clicked on the link below the picture and found the answer. Thanks, gdl203. Great-looking watch!
Not to be pedantic, but do you not mean subjective? Actually, though, elements of both may be included.
Hey, SF memberz are versatil!
Why parallel? Doesn't that happen in this one?
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