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You really don't know that without knowing what tie and cummerbund the OP has now that he left behind on the trip. If you don't like the JAB ties and cummerbunds, that is your right, but that doesn't mean the OP shouldn't check them out if possible.
Anyone saying anything positive about Jos. A. Bank on this forum can expect to be subjected to abuse rarely occasioned since the creation of the world, but it is worth the risk to offer advice that may be helpful to someone seeking it. If you read this in time, you may want to check out a Jos. A. Bank store if you are near one. If you decide on a tie and cummerbund set (as opposed to a waistcoat), they are available there in silk and grosgrain for less than at BB. Whatever...
Thank you. I appreciate the thought, but let's not be premature.
. . . You watch Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher in a scene together in Tomorrow Never Dies and notice the details of his tuxedo (e.g., peak lapels) more than you notice her.
OK. Thanks.
I may interested in (l-r) # 1 in the top picture and #s 1 and 3 in the 3rd picture (top to bottom) if you want to get rid of them.
Have you asked for his advice? Maybe you should buy a Ferrari instead... Just sayin'.
If the reason the Executive suits look "horrible" on you is that you have a slender build, you (and the OP) may want to check out the JAB Joseph line, which is slim-fit. You and the OP may want to check into the Signature and Sig. Gold lines on sale, as well.
Welcome to SF!
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