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Good question. I assume, only with great difficulty. A better question, though, is, "Why?"
See www.blacktieguide.com and use the "Search" function on here for threads offering advice on prom wear. Welcome to SF!
No. May I add, also, that a proper tuxedo correctly worn to a semi-formal event is not "boring," as you suggest. You say in your original post that you expect the level of dressing at the event to be "sub-par." Why descend into the abyss of mediocrity when you can help raise the sartorial bar with a proper outfit for the occasion (which does not include a purple tie)?
You don't find the pocket square exactly matching the tie(s) creepy?
I think someone posted on here a while back that this was the result of a record-setting number of ties worn at once.
You may want to check out www.bestcustomshirt.com.
Good on you for your exercise of sartorial discipline and your choice to associate with like-minded friends! All the best for the wedding--and beyond!
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