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Don't take this as being meant rudely, but how well have you thought through this decision? Are you having something custom made that you plan to wear only once? If you plan to wear the suit after prom, in what situations would you expect it to be serviceable if the lapels are a different color from the rest of it? Is it in the style of a "dinner suit" (American tuxedo) or a business suit? In the latter case, lapels a different color from the rest of the garment likely...
+1. More good points to consider.
Use the "Search" function on SF to locate threads dealing with details of how a suit should fit and search out pictures of ones that fit the wearer well and ones that don't. See what to look for to determine whether a suit fits well or not. Look for suits in stores in your area to see which labels offer styles and cuts that you like. If you find something you like, you may want to post pictures of you wearing it on SF (using current such pictures and feedback on them as...
Please allow me to join this discussion to make a well-intentioned comment. In addition to the advice the OP has received about checking e-Bay and suit labels such as BB and Hardwick (with which I am unfamiliar), cataan's recommendations are solid. I own several JAB Signature and 1 Sig. Gold suit (size 44S, btw), which I have had altered by the tailors at the JAB stores for minimal cost. Alterations came to under $100 each time, iirc. ($55 is a representative figure.) ...
Good question. I assume, only with great difficulty. A better question, though, is, "Why?"
See www.blacktieguide.com and use the "Search" function on here for threads offering advice on prom wear. Welcome to SF!
No. May I add, also, that a proper tuxedo correctly worn to a semi-formal event is not "boring," as you suggest. You say in your original post that you expect the level of dressing at the event to be "sub-par." Why descend into the abyss of mediocrity when you can help raise the sartorial bar with a proper outfit for the occasion (which does not include a purple tie)?
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