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The pics still look great!
^This is true.
Thank you for your response. No, I am not a tailor, just a regular SF member who has tried to absorb at least some of the guidelines for determining proper fit. Maybe one or more of the tailors on the forum will weigh in with expert opinions on the fit.If you have not already done so, you may want to consult for advice on black tie wear. Enjoy the event!
+1. The jacket looks too tight, too, judging by the stress marks around the buttoning point.
^Judging by the way the pics appear on my computer screen, there don't seem to me to be any egregious fit issues that would indicate that the tuxedo is too large for you. The shirt, however, looks too large for you, and the shirtsleeves seem to me to be too long. Is this the shirt you plan to wear with it? When you have the pants altered, you may want to have the single vent in the jacket closed. Center vents in tuxedo jackets really upset tuxedo "traditionalists"!
+1. Magnificent combo! Please x-post this pic to the "Whnay's Good taste Thread."
Understanding that I am late to this discussion and that you seem to have decided on this look, I nevertheless have a question. If I may ask, why do you like the way this suit looks with brown shoes better than with black ones? Welcome to SF, and have a great time (while observing necessary proprieties) at the prom!
I really don't mean this rudely, but it is difficult not to wonder why you did not include your measurements, jacket and trouser size, or least your height and weight in this post. Also, whether you want a 2- or 3-piece suit. You do see the relevance of this information to your question, correct?
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