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Rather than attempt to revive an old thread, it may be more helpful to search threads concerning suits for weddings. Have you done so and been dissatisfied with the results?
I have enjoyed the pictures posted on this thread. I don't have any pics to add, but I have a question: Do gloves made of peccary skin provide more warmth than gloves made of deerskin or lambskin, for example?
Either way, he has great legs!
Bottom button should be undone regardless.
Should be, "ARRRRR, Matey!"
If by shorter you mean at or above the knees, to me, this observation (if true across the board) raises an interesting question. If it is cold enough in one's environment to wear an overcoat, would a full-length overcoat not be more functional than one that covered the upper body but not the lower body?
Assuming this is a response to Hampton's post above, I tend to agree. The same jacket and tie with white or light blue shirt, maybe?
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