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With due respect to the new scoring system, I would like to add a "+1" to this.
+1. All the best in the interview.
That's one too many.
A search among existing threads here did not turn up one on this topic, about which I am curious. Factors such as fabric, construction, and fit being equal, among people knowledgeable about sartorial details, is a double-breasted overcoat generally considered more "upscale looking" than a single-breasted one? I can understand some people regarding it as being more functional in providing warmth, because of the overlap of cloth. But is one considered more "upscale" or...
You may want to wear the jacket and tie with a lighter colored shirt sometime.
Welcome to SF! You may want to check out www.bestcustomshirt.com and www.itailor.com. Each provides choices of custom options such as collar style and cuff style, and I believe each is within your budget range. I have had good results with both.
Rather than attempt to revive an old thread, it may be more helpful to search threads concerning suits for weddings. Have you done so and been dissatisfied with the results?
I have enjoyed the pictures posted on this thread. I don't have any pics to add, but I have a question: Do gloves made of peccary skin provide more warmth than gloves made of deerskin or lambskin, for example?
Either way, he has great legs!
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