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Good question. Maybe they ran out of money when putting together their wardrobes before getting to socks.
In response to the OP's question, dark trousers would be more appropriate for the occasion than ones of other colors, regardless of what other graduates wear or the level of awareness among the general population of academic tradition. True, in the end, the decision is his. Can we agree to call a truce on this and join in wishing him well?
OP, if you have not yet done so, determine whether your school has a required or recommended dress code for graduation. If not, you are free to wear what you choose, but, in fact, dark trousers, such as dark grey or navy, would be more appropriate than other colors. The "Academic Costume Code" webpage of the American Council of Education website states: "Shoes and other articles of visible apparel worn by graduates should be of dark colors that harmonize with the...
Which outfit sounds dreadful, and why?
The aesthetic aspect of contrast between pants and gown is not as significant a factor in the case of a graduation as clothing appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion. While pants in the mid-grey range would be better than brown/khaki, dark grey or navy would be more suitable for the setting (and, in fact, are prescribed by some schools).
To answer your question, either dark grey or navy pants could be paired well with black shoes. Lace-up, plain or captoe style, would be considered dressier and more appropriate for the occasion than other style shoes.All the best after graduation!
Would pics and/or a poll be of any help?
+1. Dark grey and navy are also good possibilities for pants.Welcome to SF, and congratulations on graduation!
Thanks for the thoughtful response.
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