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Which outfit sounds dreadful, and why?
The aesthetic aspect of contrast between pants and gown is not as significant a factor in the case of a graduation as clothing appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion. While pants in the mid-grey range would be better than brown/khaki, dark grey or navy would be more suitable for the setting (and, in fact, are prescribed by some schools).
To answer your question, either dark grey or navy pants could be paired well with black shoes. Lace-up, plain or captoe style, would be considered dressier and more appropriate for the occasion than other style shoes.All the best after graduation!
Would pics and/or a poll be of any help?
+1. Dark grey and navy are also good possibilities for pants.Welcome to SF, and congratulations on graduation!
Thanks for the thoughtful response.
Please allow me to ask a sincere, if noob, question: Per the rating this ensemble was given, why do black shoes detract from this outfit?
Not really. Surely wearing 7 ties at one time, rather than displaying each individually, perfectly coordinated with shirt, jacket, and pants, is an egregious breech of SF protocol. This talent could be better channeled elsewhere. To compound this transgression, the pocket square is too matchy!
This looks horrible. Seriously. Anyone considering tying a tie in this manner should be forced (non-violently, if possible) to put down the tie and walk away from it slowly. Use of this knot by SF members (though this would not happen irl) should be grounds for immediate expulsion from SF.
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