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Looks like a four-in-hand to me.
^Thank you for your response.
Why 57 views and no replies? I understand that this may not be considered a major sartorial issue, but will no one on SF offer a helpful response?
Among men in the US who wear upscale dresswear clothing regularly and who wear braces, probably Thurston and Brooks Brothers are among the leading brands. My guess is this is true among SF members and among the US population generally. I am curious: Among SF members who wear $750+ suits regularly, is there a brand/label of belt that is most popular? Is a specific type more popular than others? Alligator? Crocodile? Other exotic skin? High-end leather? Does anyone on the...
Also, isn't his tie a little too big in proportion to his face?
No. Just ... No.
That could not be argued successfully, however. Magnificent coat, excellent watch.
Thank you for your response.
Lurker on (and admirer of) this thread for a while, I have questions that someone here maybe can answer. As I understand it, a leather watch strap can be put on a watch made with a metal bracelet, provided the watch cases and bands are the same sizes. For those not especially DIY-inclined in this area, is this usually a time-consuming procedure for a jeweler to do? Roughly how expensive should it be? Watches in the Citizen Eco-Drive and Seiko Solar families are what I...
New Posts  All Forums: