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I am scared to hit play. I am sure I am not the only one. will this be all you fashionable stylish people are going to hell, type of clip?
I think long pants look much better than short. though short seem to be in style with all the rolled up pant legs, but at least they are rolled. but with the look he posted, I'd say he can go sockless on some days to make a statement.
I like the jacket but if I were your tailor I'd take an inch off the length (it says off the rack in other words,or eBay bought in this case) and the blue tie with blue in the jacket is too obvious for me. I'd pair that jacket with dark slacks and an Etro pocket square. The pants are too disheveled, they looked too worn and bunchy. I'd relegate them to weekend shopping at the supermarket, or roll up the pants a bit, and pair them with loafers and no socks, and a long...
That may be true, but I think when it's a Chelsea boot or derby boot somehow men feel comfortable going higher...when you don't call it a boot anymore suddenly they don't want that heel so high.
lovely pair of shoes. I must say. very sleek. would work on me.
I can see that happening as well with Tom Ford but you would think that a department store such as Harrods could give 50% at the end of season without watering down the brand. I am not sure Harrords even carries TF products. However, the best places to get discounted rates on TF is outside Europe and North America where brands need local sponsorship or rather partnerships to set up shop such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. I have gotten great deals on TF in these...
Thanks everyone for your help. You've given me some options.
What are you talking about?
Very nice.
Hi, I have several Paul Smith and ETRO shirts in my collection and similar wildly colored paisley and other prints that are ETRO-esque. I always love these shirts but want some tips on how to style them. Jeans are too obvious( or are they?) and they don't seem to go well with a simple jacket and slacks. Sorry, I am traveling for the summer and only brought one of said shirts, which is actually not Smith nor ETRO . I have posted that shirt and similar shirts. I am...
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