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I like the look too, but to nitpick, I'd take hem the trousers and take in the jacket at the shoulders.
I walked into the Tom Ford store in Kuwait City. Yes, Kuwait city ( great shopping destination but that's another story). I noticed there's now "Fits" in the suits instead of or in addition to Bases. Can anyone shed more light on this. Are Bases still there or have fits such as Fit F replaced the Base cuts of Tom Ford suits. And Can anyone list and explain the full list of Bases ( if they still exist) and the Fit cuts. thanks!
I want those shoes....where did you get those?
Very nice. I am not feeling the shoes though. but I would totally rock the rest of that look. Btw, what city is this pic taken in?
If that what new dad's are wearing these days. Very nice...I assume the baby will be very well dressed as well?
in addition to the other comments you received, I would take it in a bit at the back.
Looks more London than Carmel California. Makes me want to put some more double -breasted suits into my collection.
Not everyone could pull off those pants. I like them very stylish. you wear this outfit well.
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