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@ghdvfddzgzdzg, car is brilliant, but pants stack too much for my taste.
A few months old but still my favourite shot of the past few years.
Well my search for a light weight weatherproof short Parka is over. Lovely fabric for plastic, every seam taped and the colour is really deep intense blue in real life. And no I will not wear the patch.
Ignore the pose. Palewaving
Started this drawing several months ago, never came round to finishing it until a few hours ago, feels good.
Went in my local department store for just a quick leak (cleanest loo in town) left with this... Could have gone worse Now time to get a better camera.
08/01/2015 - Je Suis Charlie Amsterdam - Nikon F5 & 50mm 1.4 & Kodak Tri-X @ 3200
Cockveins are my true forté, but I have been known to draw a good pair of balls complete with all the little details. No hairfollice, wrinkle or fold will go amiss.They do come in at a premium though.
Oh wow, Karlie (or at least her PR team) liked mah #artz. Too bad it had to go through someone who reblogged my scribbling on Instagram. I'm happy but also annoyed. Conflicting feelings.
You managed to capture his sad complexion quite impressively well. Not joking.
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