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08/01/2015 - Je Suis Charlie Amsterdam - Nikon F5 & 50mm 1.4 & Kodak Tri-X @ 3200
Cockveins are my true forté, but I have been known to draw a good pair of balls complete with all the little details. No hairfollice, wrinkle or fold will go amiss.They do come in at a premium though.
Oh wow, Karlie (or at least her PR team) liked mah #artz. Too bad it had to go through someone who reblogged my scribbling on Instagram. I'm happy but also annoyed. Conflicting feelings.
You managed to capture his sad complexion quite impressively well. Not joking.
I cannot compete with that.He's in a whole different league all together.
Wrestling is a very foreign concept to me.On another very predictable note: 25th sketch in this sketchbook, double portrait to celebrate, Cara & Kate.
Dutch prefixes never lead to anything nice in the English language. Damn you Anglo-Dutch wars.
Quite true, I mostly lurk here since the Dutch sf and /fa/ amongst some other places drain me to the point that I don't even fancy on contributing here anymore apart from me shamelessly exposing you lot to my whimsical attempts at drawing good looking people.
I could live on a diet consisting solely of fresh croissants and coffee. Too bad my time in Paris has spoiled me, Dutch bakers always make such soggy lumps of fat. Also new girl, yes I'll bore you guys to death with my sketches.
She's on the shortlist.But caring enough to post about not caring to fix it.
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