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It has happened, multiple times even, but I need my coffee to be in close proximity at all times.
She's the type of girl I always seem to attract in clubs, might have something to do with dressing from head to toe in SLP.I don't think I can capture such beauty accurately with pen and paper, besides I'm definitly two years behind on requests. Made a timelapse .gif for the frobisher piece:
@ Neo, one day probably, my list of things I have to draw is growing out of hand, I think I'm two years behind right now. @L'Incandescent, Sky Ferreira, model, musician, heroin addict.
Since the advent of online shops who ship your books to you within seconds after ordering I haven't set foot in a bookstore. Hate digital though, I need paper pages to sniff and turn.And on the note of paper, another little sketch of Sky:
Nikon F, 50mm f2, Ilford Delta 3200 @ 6400 and a free iPhone lightmeter app.
Request on tumblr, feels nice to finish something in two hours compared to the endless journey that was Frobisher. Sky Fereira, putting the heroin in heroin chic.
fini No more tweed wearing people on A3 for the next year, I think the jacket alone cost me a thousand times as long as the whole face + background.
Finally some inspiration again, still a work in progress do and sorry no VS models this time.
I just shaved off my attempt, I started to look like a bloody sex-offender.
Two new sketches, Alice Dellal and by popular request: Emma Watson.
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