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For sale a brand new with tags Filson Original Briefcase in Navy (Model 70256). Price includes CONUS shipping. All others please contact via PM.
Not the current tag. Current tag is a light grey/silver with white lettering as I recall from seeing some suiting at Marshalls a few months back.
Vintage madras Brooks Brothers - 42L Oldest Paul Stuart label I've come across - 44L
That's a big piece ofto make that shoe.
It probably will. But mainly because your chest measurement isn't for a 42R.
I checked the were right.That is just poor....looks like a monkey tied that knot and took those out of focus pics.If you're going to steal the man's photo listing layout at least do it some justice.
Going for full on rare and unusual on this post.Let's start off with....NWOB english made Barrie Ltd. suede bucks 9M custom gradeEmporio Armani Brown Leather Pants 34x30Willis & Geiger chestnut money belt 34I've seen plenty of bad Lanvin....a couple good Lanvin....but I can't recall seeing vintage 60's bespoke Lanvin on this thread.Until now. 36R [[SPOILER]]
This is already in Don Cherry's wardrobe.....guaranteed.For additional sartorial a Don Cherry google image search.My basement looks just like this.
Never had any issues myself....but I believe tracking stops once it is handed off to MPSA.I believe it is a blanket requirement by the military/government to avoid any confusion. Sender may not know if address is domestic or international.
This thread is just not the same without least I can get my furniture fix again.
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