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My experiences are about the same as the group think. Got a Chateau a couple of weeks ago after finally giving up on style-first winter jackets since I'm not willing to layer or wear a toque. But, yeah, looks decent enough after taking the patches off, very warm, long enough to wear over a blazer; a fair value at retail. And Chateau's do fit small. As a slim 40, I don't wear a large anything, but a large here fits well, with medium being much too tight even with only a...
Neil Barrett on YOOX. I've lost all sense of judgement on these. I thought they were dumb and now I think I think they're rad.
My horse 5-Zip. I'm an athletic 50, it's a 52. To everyone who says they fit tight; not that tight. Was half a nightmare to get the waist taken in, but now everything's groovy.
Fixed some measurements, happy shopping.
Next entry in my effort to make rent, a really wonderful Samualsohn peak lapel suit. Colour is a dark brown, best depicted in the last photo of the open pants, I used a flash in the other photos to show the texture. Made in Canada with Super 150's Italian wool. Samuelsohn's can be a little boxy sometimes, but this one has been tailored into a more desirable shape. No damage or signs of wear. Double vent, %100 wool. Buttons for braces on the pants, which is a cool touch...
Well, since I have an apartment and don't have a job, this here's an impromptu clearance sale, to provide a gentleman in need with such luxuries as food and rent. Up first is a very nice blue-on-blue check, made in Thailand sport coat. Colour is most accurately expressed in the closeup pictures. A nice change from the normal, dull blue jackets. It's listed as a 39R but I'm an athletic 40 and it fits great. No signs of wear or damage. Single vent, %100...
Hey, gentlemen. Remember all the talk about this leather jacket? I ended up buying it like 6 months ago when it went down $100, which I viewed as free shipping, and so could justify their outrageous shipping charges. But as other people guessed at the time, it's nothing special. Leather was stiff in a bad way and felt on par with the local Canadian discount leather retailer Danier, i.e. not to most peoples' standards around here. Also the medium fit like a 36 and I'm a...
Sold. Thanks, gentlemen.
The front, sir.
There's worse things in the world than being known as a guy who dresses well. I've gone to the movies wearing a tie and blazer with a friend who wore an off matching sweat suit. No one cared, we were both comfortable in our clothes, life is good.
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