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Yes, that too. The fact that all but one of the things I've cross-referenced between the US and Canadian Yoox sites have been more expensive for Canadians is a bummer. Yes, it's a common thing for international companies to do, but it's still, deep down, a jerk move.
I don't understand how it works in these cases, no.
Fair enough. I wish it was much better regulated, though. When I first started buying stuff online no one was charging duties, including Yoox as late as early 2013. Still ModernTailor somehow gets away without doing it. Anyway, basically if you can streamline charging me taxes and duties you can streamline refunding taxes and duties. I don't have a moral problem with paying them.
Also, let me say Yoox treats Canadians like garbage and I really shouldn't support them. They charge 28% taxes and duties on purchase but refuse to refund those same taxes and duties for a return. I sent them an email asking to exchange the blazer for the next size up since it would cost me $165 to just return it and buy the 52. They sent back a copy/past of their shipping rules. That's a crummy way to treat a customer.
Cantarelli shoes are the nicest shoes I've ever worn for the price. Very, very cool. These might just go into my daily wear rotation if I can find some stretchy laces. I'm not lacing up shoes every day. Tombolini blazer. 50/50 cotton/linen. I really like big lapels. Tiny in the chest and shoulders for a 50 but LOOKS amazing. Kinda conflicted. Might see what a tailor can do to let it out.
Caruso cotton blazer in a very small grey check. It looks grey from a couple feet away but up close has an interesting weave to it. It's a fairly heavy cotton, maybe more of a spring/fall weight. Cut is fairly athletic. 2 buttons, notch lapel, non-working cuffs. Measurements: Chest 20.75' Waist 18.5' Sleeve 25.75' Length 28.75' Shipping is $20 to Canada, $25 to US, PM me for anywhere else. Please pay by gift or include the 4%. Thanks for looking Trit Edit: Added a...
Corduroy blazer from Gant Rugger. Partial lined, one button, peak lapels, elbow patches, working button holes. A couple interesting details like contrast button button holes only on the last sleeve buttons and leather accent on the surgeon's cuffs. Bought new, never wear it, 9/10 condition. Measurements: Chest 21' waist 19' sleeve 25' Length 28' Shipping is $20 to Canada, $25 to US, PM me for anywhere else. Please pay by gift or include the 4%. Thanks for looking Trit
Anyone have any thoughts on deer skin leather jackets? Is it more like cow or lamb? I find the idea kinda sexy.
I returned a Reporter jacket. Fit was very wrong. Way too big in all the wrong spots.
I have that midnight blue horse hide 5 zip. I really like the colour. Like you said, almost black inside but has cool depth to it in the sun. If it actually fit all would be good in the world. Let's say I learned a harsh lesson about tailoring leather jackets.
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