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Sold. Thanks, gentlemen.
The front, sir.
There's worse things in the world than being known as a guy who dresses well. I've gone to the movies wearing a tie and blazer with a friend who wore an off matching sweat suit. No one cared, we were both comfortable in our clothes, life is good.
Interesting. Those Corsos were the coolest boots I've even seen. Finally tracked down a pair only to learn they were crazy oversized. Tried to wear them anyway but eventually gave them to a friend. He has no idea what he's wearing. But, yeah, those look just as nice.
Lots of people, including me, like ModernTailor for MtM shirts, but no one gives them any credit for their suits. I have my best fitting suit from them, granted it was my second try, with the first still being wearable, just not great. I used measurements from another well fitting suit though, didn't use body measurements. But, yeah, $300 for their cheap fabrics. They'll get my return custom. Oh, and Indochino made me an unbelievable stinker that I still can't believe to...
Man, you ever clean out your closet and find stuff you didn't even remember you had? This is one of those cases. Up for sale is a sharp Brioni jacket, sized 40R. %40 silk, %35 linen,%25 wool. Great hand and a nice lighter weight for summer. Cuff are nonworking so you can tailor the sleeves easily. Pattern is a grayish base with blue window pane, it's a little darker than the pictures indicate but not by much. Double vent. Measurements: Chest (pit to pit): 21" Sleeves:...
Never heard of this brand, but they seem to be nice enough shoes aside from the fact that they're a full size larger than listed (UK9), which is why they're being sold. Never been worn, just tried on. Bought on Yoox on deep discount at ~$100, selling for $60 $50 and including shipping in North America. Your lucky day if you're looking for new black wingtips on a budget. Thanks for looking.
Great for summer. New, unworn. Marked 38 but fits 40. Unlined cotton jacket by The J. Peterman Company. At one point I thought this would suit my style but I ended up going in a more toned down direction. Though still a very nice jacket. More yellow than the photos indicate, maybe canary yellow? I'm pretty colour blind, but, yeah, it's very yellow. Measurements: Chest (pit to pit): 21" Shoulders (no shoulder pads): 19" Sleeves: 25" Length (bottom of collar to hem):...
Sold. Thanks, gentlemen.
I really think this is a neat jacket. I almost bought it but I only wear jeans casually and I'm not styling a Canadian Tuxedo. I ended up grabbing a leather 5 Zip off B&S. Still really cool though if you don't wear a lot of jeans.
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