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Quote: Originally Posted by eddie13231 I don't see that fabric under their weekly sale. Is there currently a code out? I received an email saying they're having a "semi annual sale" and that you must enter the provided code on the front page to be taken to the sale fabrics, well over a hundred choices by the look of it. Needlessly fancy? Maybe. Still kind of a cool service? Probably. The code I got was es1573. My guess is they want to get the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster Actually I did have a shipment from China for just over $100 and I paid nothing in duty or taxes. It came through a carrier called EMS. ModernTailor uses EMS and I've never been charged duty on ~5 orders. I live in Canada.
They have a nice sale on now with many more choices than normal including some pretty neat ones. I thought this one was cool but wondered how much I'd wear it but at $50 I can take that chance. I also ordered a pair of pants from them the first time. Is there a consensus on them as to quality? I'll let you know how mine turn out.
I got the Baskin suit. Looks like a nice fit.
Had to buy a pair of Corso's after seeing them on this site. Not to beat a dead horse but these shoes really do run wildly long. As a US 10 I'm trying to convince myself that I can still wear the UK 9's I purchased but there's at least an inch of extra room between my big toe and the end of the shoe, but it is a super narrow last so maybe that's normal? But enough wishful thinking, they still are very cool boots and fit great besides the uncommon length. You guy's think...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's tornadic There's my word for the day.
It is definitely more fun this way. All my life I've expected any US price to have a "tax" of %15-%20, probably the same way, in reverse, that US shoppers felt shopping in Canada. I'm definitely willing to buy more from the US with the dollar at parity, but that's probably a no-brainer.
Super cool boots. I'd like some cool leather boots, but all the really nice ones are leather soled which I always feel limits their usability as boots. But I'm still jealous.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow ^^^ Creepy images thread? Might as well be. Yeah, I'll be sending the whole thing back. Trust me those pants are uncomfortably tight.
Well, let me get to the good before the bad. Firstly their customer service was very nice and even though I was a day past the limit for returns they accepted my return without any hassle. That said, my suit was easily the worst fit of any of you guys. I used the same measurements I use at ModernTailor which always gives a good shirt fit but they sort of imploded here. Sleeves too long and wide, pants skin tight, shoulders too wide. But the kicker is the the jacket...
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