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If you're wondering how much snow is left in Atlantic Canada, the answer is, "Some." I never loved how 5-zips fit me when zipped but it's my favourite leather jacket design and I love the colour. It breaks camera sensors, which is cool.
Ca4La paper hat. I love it. Summer saved.
Is there any way to get those CA4LA hats to Canada? Farfetch has a selection but I specifically want that linen one and seemingly no one sells it to NA and CA4LA doesn't ship international. I own a different style one already and it fits great. I just ordered this one from Farfetch for too much but, if it works, all is well. Some folks out there actually do need hats.
I love this jacket, except that it's too small. Wore it twice but it just isn't a 40. Much better fit for a 38. Double vented, one button, lined, non-working button holes. Cool looking fabric. No signs of wear. Measurements: P2P: 20" Sleeves: 26" Length: 29" Item is located in Canada. Shipping is $20 in Canada, $25 to US. EDIT: Price slashed. This thing's got to go. Thanks for looking Trit
I notice this season's 5-Zips have visibly stitched hems now. One of the details I loved about Margiela jackets was the super clean edges. It just sort of folds under and makes a real crisp line with no puckering. Anyone know how they do that? Is there like a bonded something in there sticking it together? Were they stiched in earlier seasons? Anyway, stitched hem is lame. But I can't fault that model.
That brings up a good point. Have any of you guys in this thread actually bought another jacket/wallet/bag to replace the item you're still waiting for? You're not going cold for two falls and springs, I'd hope. Do share.
I always see Tagliatore on Yoox. Gave this corduroy one a try for super cheap. Much tighter waist than it looks. Generally quite slim, but with a bit of stretch in the fabric. Nice buttons.
Regarding laces, I just use stretchy ones from the local sport shop. No one can tell them apart and I don't have to lace anything.
Nah, there's nothing in Halifax, as far as I know. Got them off ssense.
I'm wearing Grenson Sharp boots in Halifax and they're holding up well despite the calamity out there. Interestingly the water and salt have really smoothed out the pebble grain effect in the leather. I never knew that could happen. I think one of the tricks if you're going to wear fashion boots as winter boots is to get something with a high enough tread to keep you out of the water as much as possible. Commando soles aren't going to cut it. I thought these Dsquared2's...
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