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Well, see, it seems I've found what expresses me fully and it's just jeans, linen jackets, button ups and cool boots or shoes. I would be totally up for having wilder tastes but this is what I feel best in and it seems to be all I'm buying anyway. So, life is good, I guess? But you guys are like concept cars. I like how I dress; it just looks downright insipid in the context of this forum. Dolce and Gabbana Modern Tailor Levis Moma
A sexy thing about leather is its resilience. Textile bits sticking out the bottom are going to get soaked in the rain and snow. My leather jacket is my rain jacket, though. But, still, I stand by my aesthetic pretensions.
Anyone have anything to say about the Lenny boots? Specifically sizing? I remember my Corsos being way too big when going true to size so I sized down on a pair of PS by Paul Smith ankle boots which were crushingly true to size. Now I'm weary to pull the trigger. I figure I'll go for my true size which I never do with boots anymore. But they look quite long . . .
Ha, I guess so. I'm a drop 8, as well.
Since no one asked, the stunning conclusion to my obsession with 5 zips: Still does't fit. But on the pro side, it looks crazy and the leather is nice. I suppose that blue lamb was a fluke but you shouldn't have flukes in the quality of your materials AND be asking for a million dollars a jacket. I'm just going to admit 5 Zips don't fit me. You would think that the cut would be flattering to an athletic build. Large shoulders, roomy chest and a big 5 inch drop. But the...
I like Dolce & Gabanna. I think you're paying more for design than quality with them. I know where I live, other people can find a linen jacket for sale and wear it but no one will look like I do in my linen Dolce & Gabanna blazer. I wouldn't buy it for retail because I can't afford to but there's more to fashion than superior quality.
Dang. Fool me THREE times, Margiela, and it's shame on me and I'm done. Should arrive in a week. (And thanks very much for the info, Regis)
Wait, I though I got this season's one? https://www.ssense.com/men/product/maison_martin_margiela/slate-blue-leather-jacket/87551 That one. Maybe I posted the wrong product photo.
Dream jacket arrived and I hate it. Fit is completely insane. Way too big to be called a 50. And the leather is matte, thin and cruddy looking. It has scuffs from just being in the box. Feels cheap and fits poorly. Not impressed. I could get the same quality for $300. Fashion's supposed to be sexy . . .
They made a 5 Zip one year with "memory" zippers didn't they? The shirt seems like a much better execution.
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