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Dang. Fool me THREE times, Margiela, and it's shame on me and I'm done. Should arrive in a week. (And thanks very much for the info, Regis)
Wait, I though I got this season's one? https://www.ssense.com/men/product/maison_martin_margiela/slate-blue-leather-jacket/87551 That one. Maybe I posted the wrong product photo.
Dream jacket arrived and I hate it. Fit is completely insane. Way too big to be called a 50. And the leather is matte, thin and cruddy looking. It has scuffs from just being in the box. Feels cheap and fits poorly. Not impressed. I could get the same quality for $300. Fashion's supposed to be sexy . . .
They made a 5 Zip one year with "memory" zippers didn't they? The shirt seems like a much better execution.
Priced to move, indeed. Sold.
Long story short, I bought this as a 52, it was too big, got it tailored in the chest and waist and it was tailored too small. Decided to just wear it open anyway but I recently bought this season's blue 5 zip so this one's redundant. Made in Italy. It has been worn for around a year, off an on. It's horse leather with cotton lining and viscose sleeve lining. There's no damage to the leather as it's quite thick, tons of life left, etc. Both inner viscose cuff lining have...
My coveted blue 5 zip finally made it to 50% off at ssense. I didn't think that would happen. I had no choice but to buy.
These would be the perfect boots for me if they fit, which they don't. Classic issue of boots just fitting big, sometimes. What can you do but find them a new home? Made in Italy. I purchased them form a member here, just tried them on. My search continues. Previous owner claimed them as "like new" but fibbed a bit. They look like they've been worn around a bit, so I'll call them 9/10 condition. Simple, cool boots. Let my curse be your boon. Boots are located in Canada....
Found the hat on their site. Do they ship international? Can't seem to enter a non-Japanese address. Don't they know I'm melaninless?
Who makes that hat? Is it a million dollars? That's exactly what I'm looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: