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See, I never would have known that. Thanks for the info.
Nebulous Yoox brand Brando. I dig it. What is the rich fashion guy's equivalent to eyeball sizing some discount piece online and then having it crush? Where every piece of clothing you buy matters. You feel that.
It's not THAT bad. Any boot with a lug sole basically is good enough. Salt drying the leather to the point it splits is all I'm worried about. I don't need completely waterproof or insulated boots. Though the best choice I made last year was giving up on fashion winter jackets and getting a Canada Goose. So I don't fault anyone for doing so.
Grenson sharp boots off ssense sale. Leather quality feels only alright but they look sweet and are Goodyear welted right through the lug sole, which I don't always see. Last winter was a sobering lesson of what salt does to pretty boy boot leather. I have a beeswax based product called Sno-Seal that's applied with a hair dryer. I'm going to try that. If anyone has any suggestions for keeping boots alive through a Canadian winter, please share.
I find it hard to believe a 5 zip can fit like that picture unless it's a totally different cut than normal. I'm no expert, but I'm a 50 and I've had a 52, 50 and a 48 and they've all fit similar. They all had a chest 4 inches larger than the size marked (40 equivalent has a 44" chest), which was too much for me. Plus they all have the narrowest part at the hem; it drops gradually all the way down from the chest. It doesn't have the narrowest part at the waist and then...
The patch is a test. It comes off in 30 seconds. It's like the suit manufacturers who put that basted tag on the wrist. They expect you to take it off, but if you want to do some overt marketing for them they won't stop you. I have my own fake aesthetic philosophy against visible branding, but, in this case, the patch also just looks kinda dumb. What does it have to do with Canada and geese?
I remember someone somewhere on this site said The Lab was great bang for buck. I gotta agree. Nice leather, nice last, looks cool when worn, Blake stitched, finished well. Can't complain.
CA4LA Finally found a hat that doesn't make me feel like a wiener, which is all I'm really after hat-wise. Great for the sun, great fit. I'm happy.
These would be the perfect boots for me if they fit, which they don't. Classic issue of boots just fitting big, sometimes. What can you do but find them a new home? Made in Italy. I purchased them form a member here, just tried them on. My search continues. Previous owner claimed them as "like new" but fibbed a bit. They look like they've been worn around a bit, so I'll call them 8/10 condition. The leather half-insole on the inside right boot has come up a bit on the...
For all the 5 Zip talk, I've never ever seen one on the streets and, as far as I know, no one has ever seen either of mine and been like, "Daaaaaamn, nice 5 Zip!" That said, I ended up keeping the orange one from Yoox and it's gotten more compliments than every other piece of clothing I've ever owned combined. Like old lady tugging on my sleeve at Tim Horton's level.
New Posts  All Forums: