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Update on that: they believe $80 is a fair shipping price and won't go lower. Of course it's their right to lose all the business they want.
$80 to Canada. I sent them an email asking if they had any realistic shipping options. I want that jacket but I can't justify that kind of sloppy upcharge. Won't be wearable 'til the spring anyway. I'll post if there's an update.
That's not a very helpful comment. I'll try it out.
Wow, that was certainly me. I don't tend to get mistaken much, plus I live down the road.Small world.
Guess it depends on your idea of tight. It doesn't inhibit my movement or feel like it's a second skin but I also can't layer anything but a shirt under it, which I never do anyway. So, works for me?
After a couple of months with my MDR I'm happy with my purchase. I made some sizing mistakes, especially in the hips area of the jacket to the point that it looks dumb zipped all the way down because it rides up and bunches. Also the sleeves and arm holes were too small but have since stretched out and are fine. But all that said I dig the fit now, it's almost exactly what I was looking for. Would purchase again.
Those are pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Just ordered in black. For $250 all together, how bad can they be?
Received my black lamb MDR last week. When I first tried it on I wasn't pleased with the fit; it was hard to really get a head for the measurements that would suit me best without actually owning a jacket that fit me well. But after a week of wear I'm really digging the fit. I lost my camera charger somewhere so I can't give fit pics but it does seem rather remarkable how a leather jacket can break in in the right places. I wanted a comic book/badass fit and there's not a...
Just finished the ordering process for a stock design black lamb MDR. I didn't want to risk adding anything that in two years I realize is dumb, plus there's something so elegant about those clean lines. First time I saw a picture of it I had to have one. The fact that I could customize the sizing was a big selling point, as was being able to communicate directly with the designer. And now I play the waiting game.
Yeah, those are really neat. Paul Smith-y. May have to get a pair in black.
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