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See, that's why it's tricky. I've had three different sizes of 5-zips and they all the same issue for me. The drop is just so weird. The shoulders, chest, and hem are all great, it's the way the drop goes from under the pits to like the navel. It's too much leather there. I don't know who can fill that out. The pic Yoox had points it out well. No one's built like that:So I really need the waist reshaped in a more masculine, flattering way. That's the hard part to explain...
I never liked how my orange 5-zip fit while zipped even though I think it's super cool otherwise. I couldn't sell it so I finally deiced to try to get the waist tailored. Went to a real leather worker this time. He seemed to know his stuff, but who knows what'll happen. I don't trust any of my local tailors. I just feel like a bit of a dick trying to explain how relatively particular I am compared to the normal guy who comes in.
Anyone have anything to say about Royal Republiq boots? How they fit, etc?
I thought about getting this Margiela a year and a half ago and it showed up on Yoox for cheap recently and man-oh-man is it the worst. No one has handled worse quality leather than this. I'm talking nylon windbreaker thin. The only piece of clothing I ever could of returned without opening the box. The box was just so damn light when I picked it up. Possibly worth $100 if you needed a very, very light jacket but this thing retailed for like $2,500. Almost impossible.
Hey, these totally fit and look super-duper rad. I ordered them in blue too. Looser top block, slimmer in the legs. They look great. Got a blazer from the same company, Messagerie, but it fits badly. Still, though, cool pants.
These have been in my Dream Box forever. Every time they get reduced I say, "Those are too tight. They won't fit." And now they went even lower and I bought them. Capitalism in a nutshell.
N.D.C. boots. Great quality for the price but man, sized down half a size and got a crazy blister. Much sleeker than they look in the photo. Had them in shoe trees for a few days and seems like they're wearable now. I'm going to pretend they're motorcycle boots. John Varvatos. Wanted a linen tshirt. This isn't it, really. Too rocker looking. Meh. Got a weird crush on this watch for some reason. Mostly to run and bike in. My leather strap watch smells like sweat,...
For sale is an orange 5-zip. Calf skin, cotton lining, made in Italy, marked a 48. Worn for around a year. No damage to the the leather or lining. A few small marks on the jacket, nothing too noticeable. There are some light indigo stains on the inside of the back hem and sleeves. Not noticeable while wearing, but I tried to include some photos. The colour is a bit darker than the stock photo but lighter than my crummy phone photos. Sort of hard to capture with a camera....
Non-phone photos are the secret best part of any wedding. Bonus phone photo. [[SPOILER]]
I just finished my course last weekend. I thought it was good. I had never been on a bike or driven a manual car and now I feel like I could at least avoid getting killed until I get get experienced. If you can get it for free or cheap it's a no brainer.I ended up not going with a leather bike jacket, but I remember seeing a video posted here maybe, about this group that was making really nice fashion-looking-but-real bike jackets. Or if anyone just has some cool cafe...
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