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I started working at the local postal facility for Canada Post, mostly sorting parcels. I never realized how many HANDS touch these things. I'll pack everything twice as sturdy from now on.
I got a thing for orange lately. Lapels are too dinky but I liked the linen/wool fabric enough to keep it.
Verdant Environmental Systems "Forget the rest, try the VES!"
I posted a while ago about tailoring my 5-Zip. No one was for it, with good reasons. I have had tailors ruin a 5-Zip before, so it's definitely something to be more careful about than a textile jacket. Took it to an actual leather worker guy and he did a good job. It's a little tight now, but who cares. It was a Frankenstein fit anyway. I like it a lot. Only piece of clothing that gets compliments on the streets. Old ladies dig it. On the Margiela roulette wheel, it's...
My 5-zip is worth more than my skin plus bike-specific jackets are more practical than just a cafe racer. I have a waxed cotton Rev'it that's better in the rain and has a detachable thermal liner. I like keeping a bridge pass and my insurance papers in my jacket all the time so I don't forget them and that's easier with just a riding only jacket. Plus the bike jacket is armoured which for me is way more lazy friendly than wearing an armoured shirt under a regular...
Also, props to my mom for posing with me.
No, that's me. I love how it looks open. This is strictly a zipped up thing. My sister thinks I'm crazy, too. You ever have one niggling bit about a piece of clothing that keeps you from enjoying it fully? It's one of those. Not all the way logical.
See, that's why it's tricky. I've had three different sizes of 5-zips and they all the same issue for me. The drop is just so weird. The shoulders, chest, and hem are all great, it's the way the drop goes from under the pits to like the navel. It's too much leather there. I don't know who can fill that out. The pic Yoox had points it out well. No one's built like that:So I really need the waist reshaped in a more masculine, flattering way. That's the hard part to explain...
I never liked how my orange 5-zip fit while zipped even though I think it's super cool otherwise. I couldn't sell it so I finally deiced to try to get the waist tailored. Went to a real leather worker this time. He seemed to know his stuff, but who knows what'll happen. I don't trust any of my local tailors. I just feel like a bit of a dick trying to explain how relatively particular I am compared to the normal guy who comes in.
Anyone have anything to say about Royal Republiq boots? How they fit, etc?
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