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Westworld made me want a cowboy hat. This leather Goorin one is the closest I could find to pulloffable. I like it. Interested to see how it ages. They never gave me my Cyber Monday discount, though, so partial shame on them. This Margiela blazer coat thing is dynamite but runs way crazy small. If anyone knows where there's a 42 for cheap please let me know. It has a great fabric and cut to it. And I don't even like blazer style coats.
Hello. Just got a new jacket so I'm putting up my trusty 5-zip which was always a little small for me. It's great, weighty leather and I think it's the coolest. Colour is orange. I had the area under the arms taken in a tad by a tailor so it's not as boxy as it was before. Measurements are below. Fits true to size, I would say. No rips or tears anywhere. A little bit of indigo bleed on the inside leather of the hem but it's not visible when worn. Measurements: Chest:...
See, I LIKE heavy leather. Or at least really substantial leather. It's so hard to guage leather thickness and general heft online. I got this random Yoox jacket and I love the design and the fit is near perfect but the leather is just weak feeling. I'd love the exact same jacket just with a more substantial feel. Sometimes fashion leather is spot on and sometimes it's terribly thin and cheap feeling to me. No rhyme or reason. Treasure the jackets you love, folks!
I decided to take the year off fashion until I figured out my place in capitalism. But that's not happening anytime soon so I adjusted it to a ~$100 limit. And that means Yooxing it up. A couple cheapo hits lately: Reveres 1949 Pretty cool blazer for US $48. All Prices are 90% higher for Canadians but even then it's still cheap. Has a cool flecked pattern in the fabric. Terrible, terrible buttons. I took off the stupid metal button that frayed the button hole after two...
Please post your impressions when you get it. I'm always curious to see how different cuts fit different people.
Got this in. Kinda hate it. Poor, thin leather. Artsy fit, I guess you'd call it? Too tight in the sleeves, too small in the chest and too loose in the waist. Clearly they know I'm supposed to be taking the year off fashion.
I ordered the same jacket. I took one size up. KKA leathers look real tight in every photo I see. I'll know Monday if it was a good call.
Why are we saying the jacket doesn't look good? I like it. I remember hearing as a kid that elephant skin is thicker than a piece of bread. How can it even be worn? Not full grain, right? Like just the top-most layer?
This looks great, guys. I've been looking for a cool collared moto. Or even regular moto. Good to have all these options.
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