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I decided to take the year off fashion until I figured out my place in capitalism. But that's not happening anytime soon so I adjusted it to a ~$100 limit. And that means Yooxing it up. A couple cheapo hits lately: Reveres 1949 Pretty cool blazer for US $48. All Prices are 90% higher for Canadians but even then it's still cheap. Has a cool flecked pattern in the fabric. Terrible, terrible buttons. I took off the stupid metal button that frayed the button hole after two...
Please post your impressions when you get it. I'm always curious to see how different cuts fit different people.
Got this in. Kinda hate it. Poor, thin leather. Artsy fit, I guess you'd call it? Too tight in the sleeves, too small in the chest and too loose in the waist. Clearly they know I'm supposed to be taking the year off fashion.
I ordered the same jacket. I took one size up. KKA leathers look real tight in every photo I see. I'll know Monday if it was a good call.
Why are we saying the jacket doesn't look good? I like it. I remember hearing as a kid that elephant skin is thicker than a piece of bread. How can it even be worn? Not full grain, right? Like just the top-most layer?
This looks great, guys. I've been looking for a cool collared moto. Or even regular moto. Good to have all these options.
I keep wanting to try on some Dsquared2 because they're literally the only Canadian-ish fashion house I know of. Most of their stuff is too wild but if I had to push my comfort zone a little I'd check this jacket out. Not for $4,000, of course, but, you know, theoretically. The stuff looks like good quality.
Is Suit Supply good? I could do with another suit and they sell in CAD which makes them really affordable. They LOOK nice on the site.
I'm just buying a lot less right now. Less experiments, and the like. Cool to hear about M0851. I'll make sure to check them out if I'm ever nearby.
New Posts  All Forums: