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Would love to see again the model 102374 as Group MTO, is there any chance?
Don't miss Sant Paul de Vence, Les Baux, Les Alpilles in general and being in Marseille a day trip to les Calanques. You'll need a car
About restaurants in Turin, you shouldn't miss Del Cambio right in the city center ( ) for an aperitivo or dinner and also Combal Zero ( ) in Rivoli (a few kilometers from Turin in the castle which also hosts the Modern Art Museum. In town you also have the Monet show at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna ( ) , the Savoy museums of the "Polo Reale" (
ISAIA DB overcoat 54
I'd suggest a day trip to Turin (a litttle less that 1h from Milan with Frecciarossa)
I'd suggest el Born
I was under the impression that Park had a comparatively higher instep than the existing Meermin lasts
Park last means the new chisel last? Do you have a final photo to share?
Thanks for the update
No hatchgrain?
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