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What do you think of Benjamin from ehaberdasher?
Guy walks into the store; he walks around the perimeter with no clear purpose. I greet him within about 30 seconds and offer my assistance, but he declines. I'm a bit suspicious about what he's going to do, but I move on. He wanders for about 15 minutes, and he seems to be watching people come and go. Eventually, when the store is near empty, he walks over to me at the register. He pulls out a small pocket knife and says, "Whatchu know about this young blood?" I reach...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola And I'd say most of them would steal no matter what you pay them. Madoff wasn't underpaid. The idea that the poor are more likely to steal has a certain taint to it. Being poor doesn't mean you lack morals. The people I've known with the worst morals have never needed money. It's not an issue of how much the employee makes. The issue is whether the employee feels he/she is being paid a fair amount for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Zero shrinkage is almost impossible. You could hire a security guard for each employee. Then you need a guard to watch the guard. Then a security camera to watch the guard watching the guard. Then you need to make sure they aren't all in it together. People don't steal because they are underpaid. Often the people who steal the most are the ones who need it least. We're not talking about shrinkage as a...
Bespoke for all 5. I easily get them within that price-range. You have to love local shops.
I like a snug fit....Oh, you're not talking about what I think you are.....
I'd suggest checking out ehaberdasher.com, and looking at the benjamin model. It's in your price range and it should be a great buy for you. You'll have to figure out the size for yourself.
Why would you measure about your belly-button and then wear the pants around your hips? Do you REALLY not understand where the slack comes from?
No, I'm not familiar with the cycle.
Let's see a picture
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