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Quote: Originally Posted by BeaconHillBoston Why don't you take some time to go through my post and tell me what is wrong with what I said? Unless of course you are some rude sales guy working at Saks making 15 bucks and hour, mad at the world : - ( Why don't you send your girlfriend over to my place so that I can give her a reason to "critasise" your man-hood?
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself I think BeaconHillBoston should re-read my story about the dad and his violin-playing son and give the forvm his view on how he would have handled the situation:...... Stupid morons.[/i] I'm not sure if this is meant to be a realistic depiction of the situation or meant for laughs. Either way, it seems more offensive than anything. That couldn't be worse customer service. Making corrections and...
Quote: Originally Posted by 6jokers ......I smiled, thanked him again for his business & told him to have a good night. I sincerely hope he called corporate. Customers sometimes just don't get it. Sure, they're spending money in the store and deserve a great experience, but they CHOSE to enter the store, so they have to accept store-policies. The policy may seem like an inconvenience, but, if it is a real policy, there's not room for...
Quote: Originally Posted by jsallen10 I feel like I'm pretty manly... That's a very suspicious disclaimer....I wonder if those who know you would beg to differ. I wouldn't choose that bag.
So, you guys think that $600 for a half-canvas suit is a deal? LOL!
WTF does "being married to an Asian" have to do with anything, and why the classification as "an Asian?"
This is one of the most gay threads that I've ever come across. I'm sorry to say it, but the OP has officially "crossed over." lol
Quote: Originally Posted by michaelvl Hi there,......... an estimated 30-40% better shoe at 300% higher price. ...... Thanks, Michael. That's a very fair observation. I'd like to see how forum-heads rationalize it as well.
1) Navy blue, charcoal grey and other shades of dark blue/grey. Stripes are fine as long as they don't scream out "I'M WEARING STRIPES!" 2) If you don't have many dress shirts, I'd stick with white and light-medium blue at this point. Stripes are fine, but I'd opt for solid to begin my wardrobe because it's more versatile. You don't want to find yourself thinking, "I've got to wear the blue striped shirt again today." 3) Tabs or loops is a personal preference and...
Unless they're flippin' seconds, I aint listening.....
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